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Undergraduate Research Panel Discussions

Dave regularly organizes an Undergraduate Research Panel Discussion where UCR students in chemistry and other fields can learn about getting into research at UCR. Current undergraduate researchers talk about why they chose to get into research, how they found and landed a position in a research lab on campus and provide information and advice to attendees. Dave also highlights some of the resources available to students to fund undergraduate research (summer programs, scholarships and mini-grants) and present their work on campus (yearly symposium in May). Some of this information can also be found on the Student Success website. Stay tuned for the next Panel Discussion during the Fall quarter 2017.

Vista Del Lago Highschool - 2017

Bill spoke with two groups of high school students interested in STEM related fields about his research and undergraduate experience on the school's "Talk -O Tuesday" on Thursday January 19th.


Castle View Elementary - 2016

Taylor, Travis, and Bill judge local science fair projects by 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students at Castle View Elementary.

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Taft Elementary - 2016

Travis and Bill lead 3rd and 4th grade students through activities on using and understanding the scientific method at Taft Elementary.

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Riverside STEM Academy - 2016

Students from our local Riverside STEM Academy came to UC Riverside to participate in chemistry demonstrations related to the theme of Chemical Measurement and Analysis. The event was co-organized with Prof. Joey Genereux in the Department of Chemistry. Bill, Travis, and Ray designed and ran two of the eight modules at the event.

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