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Principal Investigator

Dave Martin

Dave Martin was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and spent a lot of time growing up hiking, camping and snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies west of Calgary. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia, where he did research in the group of Prof. Greg Dake. Dave also spent one year in Siegen, Germany as an exchange student where he developed an appreciation for polyglots and delicious German beers. In 2005, he moved to Montreal for an internship at the Merck-Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research, working in the Medicinal Chemistry Department. In 2006, Dave started graduate school at the University of California, Irvine where he worked with Prof. Chris Vanderwal on the application of Zincke aldehydes toward the synthesis of Strychnos alkaloids, including a short synthesis of strychnine. After obtaining his Ph.D. in 2011, he moved to Princeton, NJ to pursue post-doctoral research in the lab of Prof. Dave MacMillan. His work in the MacMillan group involved new applications of photoredox catalysis, including the direct beta-arylation of aldehydes and ketones. In July 2014, Dave joined the Chemistry Department at the University of California, Riverside and is very excited to be back in beautiful Southern California. When not in the Chemical Sciences building, Dave can be found running, brewing or hitting the slopes.

Current Students

Abigail Feceu
afece001 at

BS:California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Lab Position: Tsarina
Type: Amicably sassy, Sinfully polite
Quote: "I could be wrong, but im not."

Dana Chambers
dande012 at

BS: North Carolina State University
Lab Position: Queen Bee
Type: Sassy, approach with coffee
Quote: "Is it nap time?"

Bill Weigel
wweig001 at

B.S. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Lab Position: Wit Master
Type: Fire/Fighting
Quote: "72% yield.. guys I have failed."

Taylor Alexander
talex005 at

B.S. Indiana University, Bloomington
Lab Position: Print Master General
Type: Formula 1 Weightlifter
Quote: "Does anybody want coffee?"

Travis Clay
tclay005 at

B.A. Berea College
Lab Position: Tech Guru
Type: Articulate Kentuckian
Quote: "This one time at Berea.."

Ellen Gao

Major Biology
Lab Position: Herbal Extraction Specialist
UE Mini-Grant Recipient

Bryan Maldonado

Major: Chemistry
Lab Position: Fledgling Furylator

Partho Kumar Paul

Major: Chemical Engineering
Lab Position: TBD

Haibin Yang

B.S. Hunan Normal University, Changsha, Hunan Province, China
PhD: Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Post-doc: Stockholm University, Sweden

Former Members

Josiah Jackson
Rotation Student

B.S.Bradley University
M.S. University of California, Riverside, 2016

Jake McClinton

B.S.University of Nebraska
M.S. University of California, Riverside, 2016

Raymond Sullivan

B.S. University of San Diego
M.S. University of California, Riverside, 2016

Lauren Sangster

B.S. University of California, Riverside, 2017
Major: Biochemistry
Awards: UE Mini-Grant Recipient
Current Position: Masters program at University of Toledo

Johny Man Nguyen

B.S. University of California, Riverside, 2017
Major: Chemical Engineering
UC LEADS Scholar
Current Position: Graduate Student, Vanderbilt University

Jack I-Chieh Wang

B.S. University of California, Riverside, 2016 (honors)
Major: Biochemistry
Awards: HHMI EXROP recipient, 2016 ACS Organic Undergraduate Award winner
Current Position: Graduate Student, Yale University

Le Nguyen

B.S. University of California, Riverside, 2017
Major: Chemistry

Esmat Sodagar

B.S. Birjord University, Iran
MS: Shiraz University, Iran
PhD: Modares University, Iran
Sabbatical: University of Pennsylvania Quote: "The most effective way to do it, is to do it"