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Group Events and Activities

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June 2017 - National Organic Symposium at UC Davis

May 2017 - Undergraduate research symposium at UCR
January 2017 - Snowpocalipse, snowboarding in Big Bear
December 2016 - Dave's Holiday Hoedown
June 2016 - Group Photo
June 2016- Paintballing
paintball crop
April 2016 - Tough Mudder Part Deux
April 2016- Undergraduate research symposium at UCR
February - 2016 Group Ski Trip to Big Bear
December 2015 - Group Holiday Party
November 2015- ‚ÄčJohny and Dave at the SCCUR at Harvey Mudd College
August 2015 - Group visit to UCI
Thanks Vanderwal Group for having us!
March 2015 - Tough Mudder
January 2015 group photo
Ski Trip 2015
Lab set-up in July 2014
The chemistry of the Martin Lab