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Group News

November 2017
Congratulations to Taylor for passing his Second Year Research Examination; good job Taylor!

New website overhaul goes live.

September 2017
Welcome to the new undergrads Bryan, Partho, and Blake! Also, a warm welcome to our new Post-Doc, Dr. Haibin Yang!

June 2017
Congratulations to our graduates! A big shout out to Johny (Chemical Engineering/Chemistry), Lauren (Biochemistry/Psychology), Brian (Chemistry) and Le (Chemistry) for completing your Bachelor's degrees, you will be missed. Good luck on your next adventures!

Bill passes his Oral Examinations, way to go!

May 2017
Dave is named a Thieme Lecturer to present at the Canadian Society for Chemistry's 100th annual conference in Toronto, ON. Many thanks to Sophie Rousseaux and Steve Newman for the invitation and for organizing a great symposium on transition metal catalysis. 

Lauren and Ellen present posters on their research at the 2017 UCR Undergraduate Research Symposium. Come to the HUB on Wednesday May 3rd and Thursday May 4th to see all the exciting research and creative activities going on across campus. Also look for the Martin Lab on posters around campus advertising the event. 

April 2017
The group's first paper is accepted for publication in Organometallics. Congratulations Dana and Ray! 

March 2017
Johny and Dave attend the UC LEADS Symposium at UCLA where Johny presents his research from a summer of research in the Sarpong Group at UC Berkeley. Congratulations Johny for your achievements in this prestigious program!  

January 2017
The Martin Group treks up to Big Bear for our third annual snowboarding trip, there was plenty of food, drink, musical interludes, snow, shreding, and falling.

December 2016
The group gathers once again at Dave's for a night of food, gifts, laughter and cheer. Thanks to everyone in the group for a fun year and all the hard work!

Dave was chosen by the editorial boards of Synlett, Synthesis, and Synfacts as one of the Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardees for 2017. Awardees are described as promising young Professors near the beginning of their career. 

Dana, Esmat, Taylor and Dave attend SoCal Organometallics Meeting hosted at UCLA. Many thanks to Alex, the Spokoyny Group and UCLA for hosting a great conference. 

The Martin Group travels to UC Irvine to participate in the second Vander-Martin joint group meeting, sadly we didn't win the squirrel (the contest was rigged!). 

October 2016
The group expands in community outreach participation with Bill and Travis helping to kick off ACS National Chemistry Week at Taft Elementary.

The group's work on the development of new photocatalysts for the direct activation of alcohols in radical chemistry is funded by the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund (PRF). Many thanks to the PRF for their support!

Esmat Sodagar joins the group as our first Post-doctoral researcher. Esmat completed her Ph.D with Prof. Issa Yavari at Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran, Iran, and performed a research internship with Prof. Gary Molander​ at the University of Pennsylvania. Welcome Esmat!

July 2016
Taylor Alexander from the Indiana University, Bloomington joins the group as a summer research student. Welcome Taylor!

New undergraduate student Le Nguyen joins the group. Welcome Le!

June 2016
Congratulations to Jack on completing his Bachelor's degree! Jack is off to Prof. David Baker's lab for the summer and on to graduate studies at Yale University. Best of luck!

May 2016
Congratulations to undergraduate Jack Wang, winner of the 2016 ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award at UC Riverside. Well done!

April 2016
Congratulations to Jake for earning his Masters degree. Jake is off to pursue medical school. Good luck!

New undergraduate student Ellen Gao joins the group. Welcome Ellen!

February 2016
Our second annual Martin group ski trip to Big Bear had great snow thanks to El Nino and plenty of sunshine, resulting in good times and only a few sunburns. 

January 2016
New undergraduate student Brian Petrone joins the group. Welcome Brian!

December 2015
The group celebrates the upcoming holidays in style at Dave's place. Thanks everyone for the delicious food, cool gifts and a great year of fun and hard work! 

Dana, Ray and Dave attend the Late 2015 SoCal Organometallics hosted at UC Riverside. Many thanks to Hill and Vince for organizing such an awesome, stimulating meeting. 

November 2015
Johny presents his work toward the synthesis of limonoid natural products at the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research at Harvey Mudd College. Well done Johny! 

August 2015
The Martin Group travels to UC Irvine to participate in the first Vander-Martin joint group meeting. Many thanks to the Vanderwal group for being such great hosts! 

July 2015
Travis Clay, Josiah Jackson and Bill Weigel join the group as summer research students. Welcome gentlemen!

The Vanderwal Group celebrates 10 years at UC Irvine with a reunion celebration. Congratulations Chris, and thank you to Chris and Danielle from all the Vanderwal group alumni!  

May 2015
Website goes live! Thank you Ray!

September 2014
Welcome to new graduate student Jacob McClinton. 

July 2014
The adventure begins! Welcome to new graduate students Dana Anderson, Abigail Feceu and Raymond Sullivan.